Program Leadership

Leornard Bunting, M.D.
Co- Director
St. John Hosptial & Medical Center




Leo is the senior member of the terrible trida. He practices emergency medicine at St. John Hospital and Medical Center on the east side of Detroit. He graduated residency from Detroit Receiving Hospital on a date that is unclrea and did his ultrasound training at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, MA.

Mark Favot, M.D.
Sinai-Grace Hospital


Mark is the international member of the team as he is from the far off land known as Windsor, ON in Canada. He is quite proud of his Canadian heritage, yet he chose to leave the homeland to pursue medical school training at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. followed by a return to Detroit for residency and fellowship training at Henry Ford Hospital. Mark is the director of the emergency ultrasound programs at Sinai-Grace Hospital on the city's west side. 

John Gallien, M.D.
Associate Director
Detroit Medical Center

Luda Khait
Assistant Fellowship Ultrasound Director
Detroit Receiving Hospital

Ashley Sullivan, M.D.
Associate Director
St. John Hopsital and Medical Center


Robert Erhman, M.D.
Assistant Director
Sinai-Grace Hospital