Medical Students

Senior Medical Student EM Clinical Rotation

Clerkship Directors:
Sarkis R. Kouyoumjian, M.D. & Trifun Dimitrijevski, M.D.

Shazzandra Doze


  1. The student will become familiar with the initial evaluation, assessment, and stabilization of patients who present with urgent and emergent medical illness and injury.
  2. The student will play an active role in managing acutely ill patients in a timely manner, following their Emergency Department course, and deciding on an appropriate disposition.
  3. Students will become exposed to a variety of invasive and noninvasive procedures that are performed in the Emergency Department i.e. arterial punctures, IV lines, peripheral blood draws, suturing, lumbar punctures, NG tubes, Foley catheters, resuscitation skills, airway management and many other procedures under the direct supervision of faculty.
  4. The student will further enhance basic clinical skills, such as the history and physical exam; and learn how to identify and treat life-threatening conditions.


The clerkship is composed of approximately 18-20 clinical shifts in a variety of clinical settings from high volume urban centers to high volume suburban centers. The clinical sites include Detroit Receiving Hospital, Sinai-Grace Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, St John's Hospital. The student will be expected to perform as a sub intern, working under the direct supervision of a senior emergency medicine resident and attending staff. There is a weekly didactic program for the medical students consisting of a core curriculum and facilitated discussions. In addition, a High Fidelity Patient Simulator is used to simulate a variety of clinical settings. Students are provided with a student Emergency Medicine Rotation Manual that the facilitated weekly discussions are based on. They are encouraged to attend the weekly Emergency Department Grand Rounds in the department they are rotating in. There is both an OSCE and a written final exam on the last day of the clerkship. The course begins on the first weekday of the month with a mandatory orientation and concludes on the last weekday of the month with the OSCE and the exam.

  • Days/Week: 5 clinical, 1 didactic
  • Hours/Week: 5 clinical shift and 40 per week - Students will work day, afternoon, and midnight shifts.
  • Evaluation: Clinical, Pre-test, Post-test, and OSCE
  • Maximum Number of Students: Maximum visiting students: One per month

Clerkship Directors: 
Sarkis R. Kouyoumjian, M.D. & Trifun Dimitrijevski, M.D.

Shazzandra Doze

Department of Emergency Medicine
Wayne State University School of Medicine
6G University Health Center
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, Michigan 48201

Phone: (313) 993-2530
Fax: (313) 993-7703

Guest Students:
Guest students must apply as guest students of Wayne State University School of Medicine. One guest student will be taken per month dependent upon availability and the student's ability to comply with all requirements for guest students. The guest student is expected to attend: orientation, all didactic sessions, simulation, the OSCE and the written exam. The coordinator for guest students at the school of medicine is April Mayweather, her email is