Detroit-Regional Elective Scholarship for Underrepresented Students

The Wayne State University Department of Emergency Medicine is proud to announce the Detroit-Regional Elective Scholarship for Underrepresented Students (D-RESUS) at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Sinai Grace Hospital. It provides financial assistance for senior medical students applying to Emergency Medicine who are members of minority groups or have faced disadvantage. The scholarship provides a $2,000 stipend to help offset travel and rotation living expenses. Students will benefit from mentorship from faculty members with expertise in social justice and diversity issues in a high acuity, busy Emergency Department with a diverse patient population. This is a competitive merit-based scholarship reserved for 2 students per year. Recipients will be selected by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, comprised of residents & faculty from the Emergency Medicine Residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Sinai Grace Hospital. Application Deadline is May 31.
Eligible applicants are those meeting the following criteria:
1.    Senior student in good standing at an accredited allopathic or osteopathic medical school 
2.    Satisfactory completion of core MS3 clerkships 
3.    Self-identification of minority or disadvantaged status by any these criteria: 
1.    Traditionally underrepresented racial/ethnic minority group (Black, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander) 
2.    Gender/sexual orientation minority group (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) 
3.    Economically disadvantaged group (first family member to obtain higher education, significant economic hardship interfering with pursuit of educational goals)
Available dates for the rotation:
July 2022 to December 2022
Rotations are 4 weeks/1 month
Students will need to complete VSLO application to rotate at either Detroit Receiving Hospital or Sinai Grace Hospital. They will also need to complete an application and provide a CV to our committee.
Please feel free to pass this invitation along to potentially interested students at your institution as well as faculty involved in student mentoring.

URIM Scholarship Application

For further questions related to this opportunity students and faculty are invited to reach out to me at: or