Global Health Alliance

The Wayne State University Global Health Alliance (WSUGHA) is a multidisciplinary consortium of Wayne State University faculty whose mission is to unify the various global health silos to drive  transformative solutions to better impact local and international health outcomes. 







Global & Urban Health & Equity

Overview: The two-year seminar series is designed to offer learners the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and skill surrounding global health by providing local and international educational opportunities that focus on the care of underserved and vulnerable populations. We will also provide career and research mentorship in global and community health; promote scholarly activity in global health education, public health, research methods, and innovative service delivery; and, education around health disparities and equity

Curriculum: The course will meet monthly from August through May for two and a half hours. Topics follow the Consortium of Universities for Global Health core competencies for Global Health Practitioners. The courses will be offered in-class and have an online component of articles, videos, and small group discussion. Scholars will be expected to attend 75% of the in-class modules and make up missed sessions by completing an extra assignment. 

Year 1 Topic Year 2 Topic
August Intro to Global Health/Social-cultural and Political Awareness August Intro to Global Health/Social-cultural and Political Awareness
September Global Burden of Disease/Infectious Disease September Globalization of Health and Healthcare
October Social and Environmental Determinants of Health October Collaboration, Partnering, and Communication
November Travel Safety and Skills November Travel Safety and Skills
December Ethical Reasoning December Health Equity and Social Justice
January Journal Club and Infectious Disease January Journal Club and Non-communicable Disease
February Capacity Strengthening February Professional Practice
March Special Populations March Infectious Disease
April Program Management April Strategic Analysis
May Disaster and Humanitarian Emergencies May Global/Local Detroit















Capstone: To obtain a GLUE Scholar Certificate of Completion, scholars will also be expected to participate in a Global or Local capstone project. This will be designed with in a mentorship framework, span a minimum of six-month preparation, and result in a scholarly project or publication.