Peter Whittaker

Peter Whittaker

Professor – Cardiovascular Research Institute

Peter Whittaker

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421 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201


University of London
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
London, England
(in progress)

Health Economics, Outcomes and Management in Cardiovascular Sciences
London School of Economics and Political Science
London, England
(in progress)

University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

B.Sc. (Honours)
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, England

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications



Department of Internal Medicine
Cardiology Division
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
1986 - 1988

Prior Appointments


Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI
2008 - present

Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiovascular Division), University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA
2007 - 2008

Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2006 - 2008

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2006 - 2008

Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2003 - 2006

Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2002 - 2006 

Assistant Professor of Research Medicine, Department of Medicine, Section of Cardiology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
1991 - 2002

Research Instructor, Department of Medicine, University of Southern California
1988 - 1991


Director, Research Division, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2003 - 2008

Director of Laser Research, Heart Institute, Good Samaritan Hospital
1994 - 2002

Director of Microscopy, Heart Institute, Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles
1998 - 2008

Courses taught


Biomedical Engineering (BME 5995-02: Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics), Wayne State University, School of Engineering; two-hour lecture “Tissue Architecture” and assessed student final presentations
2014 - 2015

Supervisor, Residency Research Projects (PGY-1 & PGY-2), Pharmacy Departments, Harper University Hospital & Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI, and Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI
2008 - present

Overview of Acupuncture, University of Massachusetts Medical School: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Faculty Retreat, CME; Ashland, MA

November, Lecture to 1st and 2nd year medical students – Research in Laser Acupuncture (Dr. G. Anand, Course Organizer: Complementary and Alternative Medicine), University of Massachusetts Medical School

Medical Student Summer Research Program; supervised 1st year student, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Lecture to 1st year medical students during Family Medicine elective – Acupuncture (Dr. G. Anand, Course Organizer), University of Massachusetts Medical School
2004 & 2005




Established Investigator Award, American Heart Association
1999 - 2004

First Prize (Basic Science), Young Investigators Competition,
American Heart Association, Greater Los Angeles Affiliate

Professional Experience



Elected Basic Science Representative to the Board of Directors of the American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine
2002 - 2005

External Doctoral Thesis Examiner; Transmyocardial laser revascularization: experimental and clinical studies
M. Huikeshoven, University of Amsterdam

Scholarly Service

Grant Review Committees


Diabetes UK, ad hoc grant reviewer

Welcome Trust (India Alliance), ad hoc grant reviewer

Health Research Board of Ireland, grant reviewer

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, grant reviewer

Israel Science Foundation, ad hoc grant reviewer
2004 & 2006

National Institutes of Health, Surgery, Radiology and Bioengineering Integrated Review Group, full member
2000 – 2004

Austrian Science Fund, ad hoc grant reviewer

Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, ad hoc grant reviewer
1999 – 2002

Department of Veterans Affairs, ad hoc grant reviewer
1999 & 2002


Henry Ford Hospital, Internal Funding Program, ad hoc grant reviewer

Wayne State University Medical School, Jack Ryan Program, ad hoc grant reviewer

South Dakota Health Research Foundation, ad hoc grant reviewer

American Heart Association (Greater Los Angeles Affiliate), Grant-in-Aid Study Section, full member
1992 - 1993

Service for Peer-Reviewed Journals Editorship: 

Editor-in-Chief, Lasers in Medical Science, Editor-in-Chief
2006 – 2008

Editorial Board Membership:

Int J Environ Res Pub Health
2016 - present

PLOS ONE (academic editor)
2013 – 2014

Lasers in Medical Science
2009 – 2013

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
2002 – present

Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis
1997 – present

Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy
2008 – 2012

Review of Manuscripts 2015: [21]
Cerebrovascular Disease (2), Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (1), International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health (2), Journal of the American College of Cardiology (1), Lasers in Surgery & Medicine (10), Medicine (4), and Regenerative Medicine (1)

Other Service

Scientific Council, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2007 - 2008

Faculty Recruitment Committee Member, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
2004 - 2008

Research Committee Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine
2003 - 2008

Residency Interview Committee Member, Department of Emergency Medicine
2003 - 2007


 Peer-Reviewed Publications: [citations Google Scholar] Reports of Original Work

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Case Report (peer-reviewed)

1. Gamra H, Ruiz CE, Zhang HP, Whittaker P: [0]
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